Top Casino Video Games of 2020

Many video game developers these days incorporate the idea of the casino into big titles. For example, Rockstar Games added an in-game casino to “Grand Theft Auto Online.” Players can now visit that casino in the game and play their favourite casino games.

There are hundreds of casino games you can play online right now. You can play for money or just for fun. Nevertheless, if you want some casino excitement, here are the top casino video games you should play right now.

Bingo Roulette or Roulette Bingo

Top Casino Video Games of 2020 Roulette Bingo - Top Casino Video Games of 2020

Have you ever played bingo before? Have you ever played roulette before? If you like playing both these games, then you are sure to have a blast with live roulette It is the usual bingo but with a roulette twist.

Your bingo card for this game is a roulette table and each card you buy has 5 random numbers from the roulette table. There is no caller this time but a spinning roulette wheel and ball. The goal for this game is to be the first to fill all 5 random numbers on one strip. The numbers will, of course, be decided by the spinning wheel.

It is not a complicated game, but its twist is quite fun. There is a total of 96 tickets to be bought for each game. Several online casinos have their own bingo roulette game. If you are unfamiliar with the game’s concept and rules, you can play for free to practice.

Crystal Rift

Top Casino Video Games of 2020 Crystal Rift - Top Casino Video Games of 2020

This can be confusing given there is another video game with the same title as “Crystal Rift.” The other one is a grid-based horror video game, the other is an awesome online slot with killer graphic design and game features.

“Crystal Rift” slot was developed by Rabcat Gaming and it has a five reel and three-row slot structure.

This slot title has most of the usual slot features including bonus rounds, wilds, scatters, and a jackpot. What you want is the Wild Grid feature to turn the symbols completely wild, which gives you more chances of getting the combinations you want.

GG Poker

Top Casino Video Games of 2020 GG Poker - Top Casino Video Games of 2020

GG Poker is one of the top poker online platforms in the world. It also has one of the largest poker networks there is. GG Poker is big across Asia and Europe. According to experienced players, the GG Poker site has the weakest competition at the tables.

GG Poker is also proactive in stopping trolls from engaging any table at all.

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